This is a free e-mail reminder service!  We provide this service to you; your email address stays private.  It stays within this domain only.  We do not sell email addresses.  You input an email address, a few dates, and we do the rest!  It can be any event, birthday, anniversary, wedding, or ANYTHING at all. Give us the date, you choose from how many days in advance and you'll be sent a reminder email at that time and also the day before the event!!  Its that simple!

You're allowed up to 10 events at a time.

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So, if you're new here, please Click Here and make a new account! Members login; to add a new event or delete old ones, please Click Here


We hope you find this beneficial and have a good time! If you have any questions or comments,  please Send us mail

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Disclaimer:  I guess we need to say that the process of the reminder is largely mechanical and we will do the necessary things to make it work but in case of mishap, and you don't get a reminder, you agree to hold Metro Productions harmless.  After all, we're just reminding you.
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