Description of the Peace of Mind Escape Hood

The Peace of Mind Escape Hood is a life saving tool for urgent evacuation during a fire.  80% of those who die in fires are overcome by smoke and not burned.  The Peace of Mind Escape Hood allows you to breath in a smoke filled environment giving the person a chance to quickly leave the fire scene.  The hood is extremely lightweight and extremely fire resistant.  You have the capacity to breath and communicate freely, at the same time.  In addition to protecting the respiratory system,  the Peace of Mind Escape Hood also protects hair, eyes and face from smoke, fire and sparks.


Hood and Pack

Attributes and Advantages of the

Peace of Mind Escape Hood

  • No complicated attachments as with other hoods available.  It's easy to put on, you just slip it over your head and it's on.
  • The film is lightweight, resists radiation and tension and can support high temperatures.
  • This mask comes in a pocket size format and is very easy to use.   The pack measures 5 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 3/4" thick (picture of pack above).  It can easily be transported in a briefcase, carry on bag, suitcase, handbag or placed in a strategic area for an emergency. (Velcroed under the bed)
  • There is a front filter already attached so there is no complicated instructions.  Just put your head in the hood.  The filters are made of  multiple layers and provides protection against smoke and toxic gas;  the filters possess a great absorption capacity permitting only air to pass through.
  • The mask will give up to 20 minutes of breathable air in a smoke and toxic gas environment.
  • Elastic neck band provides a snug fit and prevents smoke form entering hood..
  • Protects head and respiratory system efficiently. It insures great visibility which permits the user to quickly get to a secure place.
  • In it’s packaging, mask is guaranteed to last 5 years. During this period, no inspection or maintenance is necessary.
  • While the mask is worn, the faculties of communicating are not affected.  No need to insert any aparatus in mouth or nose.
  • Can be used in every market such as commercial, industrial and institutional market.
  • All the components of the hood possess certifications.
  • If hood is used in an actual fire escape/rescue situation, the Peace of Mind Escape Hood will be replaced free of charge.  (Follow replacement policy on package.)

Used with other fire safety apparatus such as smoke detectors and an evacuation plan, the Peace of Mind Escape Hood can save your life in case of fire.

So simple, even a child could use it!

Open Pack Place Over Head No Special Apparatus

It's so easy to use... You simply slip the
hood over your head.
Easy and fast,
the hood is made with flexible
for a tight seal around neck.

Notes about Peace of Mind Escape Hood:

  • Intended as an evacuation device only.
  • Not to be used for firefighting or entering a burning building.
  • One time use only.
  • Will not provide protection from exposure to extreme heat and open flames.
  • Not intended for use in conditions that produce a high concentration of extremely corrosive gases as would be found in chemical factories
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